Introducing The Kahvay Master Negotiator

by Tom Morgan |
5th November, 2020 |
Tom Morgan
24 Sep, 2023

Our COVID19 Journey

At Kahvay we were, like so many companies dependent on face-to-face interactions, hit hard by COVID 19.

We firmly believe in the sentiment of ‘action through adversity’. And I am so proud of the work to accelerate our digital platform plans to meet this new challenge.

The road has not been easy. But we have re-surfaced stronger and more adept to face this new world we have all been confronted with.

I wanted to first give a very special thanks to all of our clients; and the team at Haysi Ventures Limited and Mongrel Creative who have helped make this a reality. I’ve been involved with a fair few product launches in my time, and this was no different. A whole lot of blood sweat and tears during a testing time for us all. We are eternally grateful for their Herculean efforts to help us get this over the line. We don’t profess to being perfect. And we have only just begun this journey. But we do strive every day to be a wee bit better than we were the day before.

Introducing the The Kahvay Master Negotiator©

The Kahvay Master Negotiator© learning journey, launched in September 2020, is a new remote learning experience. It combines the best of eLearning with expert consultant led practical ‘role play’ workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring where you learn by doing.

The Master Negotiator Journey
The Master Negotiator Journey

I am very happy to say, the feedback from our delegates has been astonishing and we continue to improve and iterate each day. We fundamentally believe that by helping others to communicate better, be more confident and by learning how to be more comfortable being uncomfortable that we can support businesses and individuals alike bringing negotiation not only to the centre of business thinking but also to how you navigate the day to day negotiations in your every day life. Whether you are the deal maker, a manager, a job seeker, a house buyer or simply just a parent trying to get your kids dressed in the morning, these are the skills could and should all benefit from.

Our long term goal is to democratise commercial negotiation skills around the world.

Negotiation is a big topic with many branches off it. And a message we see and hear every day from our clients and delegates alike is that, especially now, these skills are desperately needed.

We are here to help you navigate better negotiated outcomes, because the impact is real and the effect is lasting. 

So what?

  1. Our rapid growth has meant that there is a need to identify and hire consultants to help us scale and deliver live negotiation training workshops (no agencies please) – ideal candidates, need not necessarily have a training background, but should be experienced negotiators. If you know someone who would be interested please contact me or Giles directly.
  2. Although our remote workshops are over subscribed today, if you believe that you or you team would benefit from this training, please feel free to get in touch directly or via our website.
  3. If you are interested in an early trial of our public eLearning courses, without the practical workshops, to up-skill your negotiation knowledge, indicate your interest either directly with me or via our contact form and you’ll be the first in line.

Thank you.

Stay Safe. Stay Positive. Over an Out.


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