Achieve the outcomes you want, become a Master Negotiator

We give you and your people the skills and confidence to achieve your goals. Helping you navigate better-negotiated outcomes. We’ll show you the way.
Become a Master Negotiator

What We Do

We help our clients become better versions of themselves by developing their communication and negotiation skills. Clearly and memorably demonstrating the art and science of negotiation through a blend of live experiences and digital environments.


Build your negotiation skills and gain confidence with our inspiring learn-by-doing tutor led experiences.


We’ll stay with you beyond your learning experience, guiding you with support and advice to become a true master of negotiation.


You know what you need to achieve. We’ll work with you to create, and help you implement strategies that lead to success.

Why become a Master Negotiator?

Achieve your financial targets
Gain greater confidence in negotiating
Develop commercial toughness
Deliver behavioural change in your organisation
Strengthen your team's negotiating capability

Who can become a Master Negotiator?

Our learning experiences are suitable for any level of seniority.
Regardless of department or size of business.

Employee and Industrial Relationships

You are a Human Resources Manager, Business Partner or General Manager delivering modernisation and transformational change.

Sourcing and Procurement

You are a Buyer, Buying Manager or Director who controls organisational spend, maximising the value of the product or service delivered.

Sales and Client Relationships

You are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, or a professional with commercial responsibility for managing accounts and servicing valuable clients


Levels 1-3

Your introduction to negotiation, becoming commercially tough and applying adaptive negotiation behaviours and levers to achieve your desired outcomes.


Levels 4-5

Building on the Master Negotiator foundation, this is where you rise to the next level of negotiation. Enabling you to adapt to any circumstance and perfect the negotiation of valuable, complex and conditional deals.


Level 6

Where, as a skilled negotiator, you will hone your approach by strategising and planning for real negotiations. Creating plans, processes and controls to secure your objective.

Learn By Doing

Immersive learning experiences that allow you to understand the very real feelings encountered during negotiations. And in doing so, learn how to control how you and those around you behave in certain situations.

Tutor led coaching

Whether you are a seasoned executive or just getting started, coaching is important to unlocking your full potential. We support your growth over 6-12 months, providing a confidential sounding board allowing you to make the most of your learning journey.

Achieve Your Goals

The end result will be better-negotiated outcomes. Maximising value and strengthening relationships, both internally and externally. To positively impact your bottom line.

Don’t just take our word for it …

Gea Kessler
Gea Kessler
Great workshop that gives you lots of tools for a successful negotiation.
Mark Niesink
Mark Niesink
Very valuable course with very practical tips and makes negotiating a lot of fun
It is a 'great journey' to learn a lot from yourself. You are challenged every time to get the most out of you. 'So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!'
Laura Schepel
Laura Schepel
Great training! Confronting but very useful!
Mark Li
Mark Li
Excellent course with skills that you can use in any situation. Really intense too so be prepared to focus and give your energy for the full course.
Andrea Salvini
Andrea Salvini
great experience! one of the best training I ever had. Inspiring and challenging, but overall extremely useful for my daily business activity!

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