Negotiation Consulting

Embedded on long term projects or commissioned on short term assignments, Kah-Vay works with you and your negotiation teams to achieve more.



Training Needs Analysis

Full development and implementation of negotiation training needs analysis and learning journeys in preparation for real world negotiations.


Facilitation and Coaching

Facilitating workshops and coaching executive teams as they prepare for and deliver transformational change and commercial negotiation projects


Trusted Partner

Giving your teams an advantage by acting as a trusted business partner; coaching and advising your teams as they prepare to navigate complex negotiations to better outcomes.


Strategic and Planning

Advising and driving strategic and tactical planning, using our proven planning process and bespoke tools.


Negotiating the Deal

Working with you and your teams from start to finish. If required and appropriate, negotiating the deal on your behalf

Your negotiation or transformational project is unique to you and your business, we work with you to develop actionable plans tailored to your circumstances.

With an emphasis on practical, real-world solutions – we advise how to achieve the best possible outcomes. Working as either part of your team on long term projects or commissioned for short term assignments.

We’ll help you enhance your strategic approach. Considering everything from the objectives and why they need to happen, to route planning and alternate mapping.

We are uniquely qualified to fully partner with you or simply mentor you through strategy development and the negotiating process.

From risk to implementation, examining what works well. We’ll suggest specific tactics and strategies to ensure the best possible outcome for your objectives and specific situation.

Grow your business

Invest in a consultancy that immediately and positively impacts your bottom line